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"Our company was very fortunate to have connected with Sound Proof Atlanta. We needed to insure certain spaces were modified for confidential reasons and others for noise distractions. Our building is old and it took much investigation to figure out all of the issues. Sound Proof Atlanta went above and beyond to insure we were only doing the steps necessary and as cost effectively as possible. I would highly recommend them. THANK YOU!"

~ Tracy, Duluth

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"Highly pleased with the results from working with Sound Proof Atlanta. The outcome is exactly what we were hoping for, and Steve and Kathryn frequently oversaw the work themselves and took a personal interest in the outcome of the project. Great value for the money. Highly recommend. They know their stuff!"

~ Sue

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"Our company needed help with acoustic sound dampening for a high profile centennial gala for a local university. In order to best display our orchestra and headliner, we needed to add panels to the venue. First, Sound Proof Atlanta took the time to inform us of the best options for our program. They walked us through each setup and the time frame necessary for all options. Their attention to our needs and customer service were unmatched. The team worked closely with our venue manager to coordinate the entire process. This allowed us to handle more pressing details that needed our attention leading up to the event. They worked out arrival, setup, staff needs, etc. The installation was seamless and extremely professional! The event was a huge success with the help of Sound Proof Atlanta. We could not recommend them more!!!"

~ Victoria with Ideals United, Atlanta, GA

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Prompt and professional...our space sounds so much better with the work that was done.

~ Jonathan, Restaurant Owner

"A great group to work with. Very professional and they got the project done on time. Very happy with the finished installation.”

~Gregory, Contractor


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“Kathryn and the Sound Proof Atlanta team have done a fantastic job customizing the acoustic balance in all of the conference rooms of our new office. They were friendly, professional, and took pride in their work. Our team has been using the conference rooms so much more now that we have the acoustic panels to help facilitate conference calls and meetings. Such a great team! Many thanks for your great work. For those in the Atlanta area, I highly recommend these awesome, kind, and professional experts!” 

~ E.Lane, Atlanta, GA

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"As a corporate video producer, one of the challenges I faced while shooting video was outside noise pollution. Our media room is located adjacent to our very busy warehouse, which made it almost impossible to shoot video with sound during normal business hours. After doing some research for sound proofing solutions, I came across Sound Proof Atlanta. Their friendly and professional staff (Steve and Kathryn) came to my location and assessed my sound needs. They offered a few budget friendly solutions. Once we decided on a package, their team swiftly moved forward with measurements, supply ordering, and installation. After a few short weeks, the project was completed in full. I highly recommend Sound Proof Atlanta for your sound proofing needs."


~ Roxanne Flores, Yamaha Motor, Kennesaw

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"We loved working with Sound Proof Atlanta. Everyone was easy to talk with and helped me understand the science behind sound mitigation. We had just remodeled a building in which we provided services for female teenagers and loved the new look, but and this is a big but the sound was out of control. Sound Proof Atlanta designed a great solution to our problem that not only helped reduce the noise but also meet our second big requirement of looking good. Sound Proof Atlanta showed up when they said they would and worked around our hectic schedule to get the job completed ahead of schedule. Thanks Sound Proof Atlanta for a job well done!!!" 

~ Daniel B., Douglasville, GA


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“I am an intown townhome developer. Steve and his team have been an invaluable asset to ensure that the homes we build are resistant to city noise. They are lovely to work with and really spend quality time with us to ensure that we understand why a step is done and to ensure that our crews are familiar with construction methods to help reduce outside noise. I would recommend Sound Proof Atlanta to anyone with any type of sound issues!” 

~ Karim in Atlanta

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“Sound Proof Atlanta helped us immediately with our audio needs for our studio. Steve and Kathryn Forrester are so professional and were phenomenal to work with.” -

~Shannon, East Point, GA


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Steve really knows how to build high-end custom studios for homes. I've had the pleasure of sound testing and reviewing several of his studios, and they've had remarkable results! Best home studio Soundproofing in Atlanta!!

~ Walker Peek

"Steve @ Soundproof Atlanta is great to work with. The team is courteous and knows what it takes to create an enjoyable home living inside a noisy environment. The end result is a beautiful upgrade and peace of mind when you step out of the city and into your home. I will recommend Soundproof Atlanta to all those looking to leave the outside noise where it belongs and a peaceful residence to come home to."

~ Kyle Shipp

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