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Brighter in a Different Way

This client took their old brightly colored guest bathroom and made it clean and bright with dark and white tones to give it their european look as their culture.

green bath.jpg

We love to see our client's faces when they see what they selected turn into a beautiful space, not only for them, but for their guests. The whole bathroom was gutted and listed below is what was done:

  • The walls were so bad, that repair was not possible, so new drywall was placed on all walls

  • The walls, ceiling and trim were painted in Benjamin Moore's Swiss Coffee

  • The shower walls and tub are a Sterling tiled acrylic tub and shower with their selected shower system


  • The toilet was an American Standard Cadet

  • The flooring was a matching tile with the old wall color, it was removed and installed dark wood looking tiles with a glass mosaic design throughout

  • To follow and tie together the glass mosaic, it was used to accent and separate the white tiled bath and the off white walls; as well as, the mosaic was used as a backsplash around sink area

  • To keep with the upstairs door scheme, the door was newly re-stained for a fresh look

  • To keep with the same shower curtain theme, we installed the curved shower rod to allow more room between the person taking a shower and the curtain

after green 3.jpg

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