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Updated: Aug 19, 2019

755 Sq Feet of Entertainment Space with this beautifully built deck. Our client is having a large (150 people) family pre wedding festivity for their sister in the backyard this fall. In order to prepare, the old deck had to be totally torn down and a new, larger and new style was built which was safe, private, stylish and functional. Now that the deck is stained and complete, the home even looks larger and their living space comes outdoors versus indoors. Next time you want to enjoy the outdoors and entertain, think about your deck and how you can create another room without walls. (you can see more pictures under Steve's Work tab) Congratulations to our client who is also now expecting their first baby. Love Truly Lives Here!



* When considering stain or paint for deck, think Stain. It enhances the look of your wood, protects the wood longer, and consider as the stain of Steve Constructs choice.

* To nail or screw the deck boards in place, Think Deck Screws. They are more secure, do not become loose with time, no rust when you use stainless steel coated screws, hold the boards tighter,

* Deck railings, there are so many railing posts, caps, poles available. Just go with the style that fits your home and your style. This home used a plantation shutter look for privacy, safety and matching the style of their home. Basically, anything goes as long as you have the right builder to assemble and build.


NOTE: Steve's crew torn down the old deck, removed debris, supplied, designed, built the new 2 adjoining decks, stairways, poured the sidewalk adjoining stairs to home, and finished the job with staining.


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