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Got Rotten Wood?

Updated: Aug 19, 2019

Get It TAKEN CARE OF. Whether it is rotten wood around windows, doors, decks; with the weather changing the coolness of the air will be looking for a home, as well as, the small animals and the development of Mold! Not to mention the pure issue of SAFETY. It is easy to break into a home when the window sashes are rotten, it is an easy entrance and a sign that possibly no one lives there as the rotten wood makes your home look unmanned.


TIP OF THE WEEK: Walk around the exterior of your home and look at the decking and window frames. If you see rotten wood, take care of it now, as it will only become worse. Rotten wood means water damage can seep into your home to cause further damage and if the deck boards are rotten, the possibility of weakness and break-thru is great. When repairing, consider PVC around the windows as it is a never rot again solution. Around your deck boards, once the wood is replaced, consider staining with a sun screen to decrease sun damage.

A Stitch In Time Saves Nine,


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