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Can A Window Be a Health Hazard?

Depends what is on the other side. The beauty of a window, to see the visible world and the happenings of day or night. OR NOT, sometimes windows reveal the NOISE of the surroundings of your home. Noise has been published as a health hazard especially certain noises: trains and tracks, air traffic, highway and cars, to name a few. What these noises do is disrupt the much needed sleep and rest required to function effectively throughout the day either at work or in a normal course of a day.


Here are some of the latest health publishings:

*American Journal of Preventative Medicine from the World Health Organization (WHO) Road Traffic Noise: Annoyance, Sleep Disturbance, and Public Health Implications October 2012, Vol. 43, No. 4

*Journal Sentinel Living in a noisy neighborhood can increase your risk for heart attack, according to a study published June, 2012.

For every 10 decibels of noise, cardiac risk went up by 12%

Don't make Noise a health hazard in your home! There are solutions!

If this is a concern to you, contact Steve Forrester of Steve Constructs, for a quote and solution. Steve represents many soundproof solutions from windows, doors, and rooms/walls.

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