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Sound and Noise Control

In professional audio, a mixing console or sound board is a device used for combining (mixing), routing, and changing the level or dynamics of audio signals. Mixing consoles are used in many applications, including recording studios, public address systems, sound reinforcement systems, broadcasting, television and film post-production. The main purpose to ensure the level of sound you hear is acceptable and beautiful to the music or message broadcasted.

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Steve Constructs has been in the Noise and Sound control business for 8 years, installing sound proof windows and door solutions that change the level of sound entry to a home.

In 2013 Steve has made a major shift due to market changes by clients requiring less noise in order to produce more efficiency and just peace and quiet by bringing over 50% of his business to concentrating on the control of sounds and noise in the residential and commercial spaces. Besides himself and his top rated renovation staff, Steve has built a team of experts in noise control solutions, design, technical assessment, and multiple full solutions from an assortment of panels, proper design placement, window and door soundproofing, and full repair and renovation to the space affected by noise.

Stay tune to the weeks ahead as we feature multiple ways sound and noise effect the health of you and your environment, along with the solutions we have put into place. Maybe you can put some beautiful sounds back into your environment by routing out the Noise with Steve Constructs.



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