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If you are trying to keep the NOISE OUT and the SILENCE IN your home or business.......

Updated: Aug 19, 2019

Consider reaching out to a professional for the solution. In a time of frustration and aggravation when noise levels reach an uncomfortable level in your home or business, there is no need to totally redesign your environment with drastic measures. But there are ways to improve the energy efficiency, looks, and significantly eliminate the noise. A starting point can be, first identify where the significant noise is coming from and compare the quiet levels in your home to the higher volume. A normal quiet level is around 40 or below and the interior noisy area level can range from 45 to 85.


For .99 cents you can add an app to your smart phone which can track the noise levels in your home or business. This app is:

Decibel Meter Pro by Performance Audio

There are solutions to keep the noise out. Just consider someone who knows what they are doing when providing a solution. Steve Forrester has been installing soundproof windows for 8 years. His expertise is unmatched in the industry. Today he is providing custom solutions when a standard solution does not fit. In addition, he has the professional resources to provide sound studies and sound architects.

So when you feel like hope is lost and you must live with NOISE, STOP! There are effective solutions that will not result in the purchase of a new mansion with hurricane protection to keep the noise out.

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