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Wide Open Space and The Sound of Silence

Earlier this year, Steve P. Forrester (SPF) travelled to Argentina and visited a working ranch in the Patagonia region. One of his many activities, besides enjoying the local cuisine, was to stand quietly for five minutes and listen to the silence of the vast, wide-open space. WOW, what does that sound like to a person who lives in a large, vibrant city, surrounded by constant noise and activity? Well, because Steve is in the "soundproofing" business, here is what he found in the silence of that wide, open space:


"PEACEFULness, TRANQUILity, and an INVIGORating, HUMBLing experience of how small we are in a vast, lovely physical space surrounded by Quiet! You can use every sense—hear it; smell it; touch it; taste it; and, mostly, enjoy it by seeing Silence! If I could, I would package it and take it home as my souvenir, the memory of five minutes in the sensory peacefulness of silence. It was an exhilarating, lovely, and eye-opening experience.”

Having those moments of silence on an Argentine ranch gave me the impetus and vigor to pursue a mission of providing tranquility and peacefulness by relieving people of noise so that they, too, can enjoy the rewards of silence. I have been searching for the right products and people and am thrilled to bring the sense of hearing silence—with all of its many rewards—back to you.


We truly live in an amazing world, one often characterized, though, by intrusive and annoying noise that can have a negative impact on our quality of life. This problem, however, can be solved, and you do not have to let noise stop you from enjoying your space. The solution is the introduction of a new service line at Steve Constructs: The Sound Proof Formula -- by S.P.F.

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