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Replacement Sound Proof Formula Windows

Updated: Aug 19, 2019

We are going to show you some of our work for the month of April and how we do Windows and Doors at Sound Proof Atlanta.

Typical installs are either:

  • Replacement

  • Interior Mount - where we keep your existing window in place for extra sound protection

  • Exterior Mount - where we mount our window on the exterior of your existing windows if we want to protect the integrity of your interior decor and/or we have room on the exterior to install the windows.

Our Sound Proof Formula Windows not only look good, but function as energy star rated and have laminated glass for protection against noise and intruders, which means they are sold for safety minded clients, as well.

This client not only wanted to replace their windows and doors in their home, but since they were doing it considered the added attraction of safety and decided this was a better solution for the money.

Pictured are our windows used as replacement windows.

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