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Updated: Aug 19, 2019

No mater what type of home, where you are located, we have a window mount that will fit your environment and give you the Quiet Home you dream of!

Our windows can be mounted on the inside of your existing windows. Why would you need to mount the windows on interior of existing:

  • If your HOA does not want anything altered on the exterior of your home windows, we will mount on the interior as to not change the look

  • If your existing windows are good, we like to have 3 inches of dead air space between windows to achieve maximum efficiency of sound/noise blockage

  • All window orders are custom and when used for noise come with a STC rating of 33, 34, 38 or 40 depending on the situation and requirement

  • Key ingredient is the use of laminated glass and the thickness will range depending on rating and testing variance

  • After the install you will not even notice we have added the extra layer of window/glass as our goal is to leave your home as it was when we arrived

  • Depending on room make-up, windows will be single hung (bottom sash opens) or solid glass (as long as there is an exit from another part of the room)

  • All windows are made in USA

Let us take the scare out of Sound entering your room/s and leave the experts to block noise with transparency.

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