Updated: Aug 19, 2019

…..BUT WE ARE STRONG! Did you know our windows and patio doors are SECURITY PROOF, too? When you purchase our Sound Proof Formula Windows, besides reducing noise and gaining energy efficiency, you get security proof!

Our windows have laminated glass, which is used to block noise and thieves from entry to your home or business. Why would you consider anything else when considering replacement windows for your home? Get the Facts/Specs below:

  • STC 38 - sound transmission coefficient (typical windows do not have STC rating, but can block somewhere in the 15-18 STC if they had a rating)

  • 2 layers of glass for noise and security protection

  • Can be mounted as replacement or alongside your existing windows either on the interior or exterior of existing

  • PVC frames

  • Aluminum interior of frame

  • Patented latches and locks

  • Energy Star Rated

  • Low E from protection from harmful rays of sun

  • Custom designs are available

  • Made in USA

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