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Updated: Aug 19, 2019

Studio Microphone

…Yes, It is all about the Wall Composition. Part of our business is consulting, building, and supplying materials to build sound studios for recording, listening, and entertainment of the art of music, voice, and instruments. Some of our studio work includes artists in the line of business for:

  • Audio book recording

  • Voice Recording

  • Instrument Recording

  • Heavy Metal Band Recording

  • In-Home Vocals Recording

  • Listening Studio

In the weeks ahead we will share with you some of our works-in-progress related to the above types of sound recording. Soundproofing is always the first stage when it comes to studios. You must know the entire layout behind the finished walls to ensure that what you are producing or listening to is worthy of your art. Our studio work is not only a talent but an ART also!

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