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Updated: Aug 19, 2019

…from the words of Steve Forrester, President of Sound Proof Atlanta and his customer:

“Sound and Noise Control, Air and Ventilation Control, and Reverb of the Room.”

Recently we built a room within a room for a recording studio in a basement in Alpharetta, GA. Although these pics do not represent the finished product for recording, they represent the finished product behind the paint!

In a corner of a basement 6.7’ x 7.8’ x 8.0’, we built a total room from ceiling to floor, walls to walls, and door to door. We utilized 2 layers of 5/8” drywall, rock wool insulation, green glue, mass-loaded vinyl, 2 solid wood doors, automatic door seals on both doors, a triple-pained studio window, wiring, special air control between studio and basement room, and then painted the entire studio the client’s color choice. All that is missing here are the Acoustic Panels, the magic of the singer, and the mixing tools.

Sound and Noise Control was through mass in building out walls with 2 layers of 5/8” drywall, green glue, and insulation. Mass-loaded vinyl was for noise control for the floor, along with padding and carpeting, and another ceiling built to reduce footfall, with the same application as the walls.

Air and Ventilation Control was needed because we could not run another duct off the current air conditioning system. Since the basement was constantly cool (and our client was a Georgia Tech Engineer) we were given a design which took air from the exterior of the room via a fan and pushed it into the interior of the studio, which blew out warm air outside of studio quietly.

Reverb Control was handled by utilizing 24’ x 48’ wedge foam panels. In these pictures, they were not yet installed, as the client was deciding on the color and shape.

Stay tuned to our next segment, where we will show you how we changed nothing to something utilizing these studio greats!

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