Updated: Aug 19, 2019

(Figure 1: Open Area around HVAC Allows sound to bypass Ceiling Tiles in this area)

(Figure 2: Structural Mounting of Speakers into Concrete Above Allows Excessive Vibration Into Slab)

…Because re-doing it over once or twice is more costly than doing it right the first time. Studies show that the correct Specialized Consultants/Engineers are worth their weight in gold in your pocket. Why? Because they've been there, in every unique soundproofing situation, they know where noise issues typically lie, they have the specialized equipment to test and verify, and they always know the solution.

In other words, hiring a sound engineering consultant ultimately saves you TIME, MONEY, and PEACE OF MIND.

This month we are highlighting our "Consulting" Product Line so that you can understand the value this service provides when it comes down to having to make the best decisions for solving annoying noise problems. We will provide you with sample reports, compelling reasons why, and client experiences.

So what is in a typical proposal from your sound engineer?

  • The Scope of Work - This is a description of what was uncovered while on site and identifies the source(s) of the noise problem

  • The Sound Study - Noise levels are taken at highest and lowest levels and when the noise is affecting the area in question. Typically this reports on dBA levels throughout specified effected area

  • The Findings and Results - This includes pictures of the areas where the noise is traveling and escaping to the areas being affected. It clearly defines the culprits attributing to noise level problem

  • Recommendations and Solutions to Consider - This maps out what needs to be done to correct issues so that your contractor-of-choice can fix the noise issue

If you have a noise control situation, why not consider hiring a consultant that has the knowledge to, at minimum, verify and provide solution? The rest will be up to you whether or not to fix it and who should fix it. Call Sound Proof Atlanta and start 2018 out on the right note.

Pictured above some areas identified in a commercial business where sound was escaping to another floor and business.

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