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Privacy Fencing for the Office…

Updated: Aug 19, 2019

Here are some of the reasons Sound Engineers are brought into the business climate:

  • People talk loudly and it carries into the halls and disrupts work flow

  • People try to listen to the news or office gossip that is happening behind closed doors

  • Confidential salaries or mergers that are known only to a select group - (Or NOT!)

We could go on and on...but you get the point. But how do you fence in conversations ascetically?

That is where we come in.

We can look at the current office configuration and make recommendations that will curtail the escape of conversations (without affecting the look, and in some cases improving the look) with barrier walls that look like your existing walls.

Here are some areas to look at when investigating where to start:

  • The Ceiling. Typically it is very open with no real sound barrier

  • Electrical Plugs. You would be surprised what escapes thru the outlets in an office

  • Air Returns. Think about carries air throughout the office...why not conversations?

  • Doors. Noise takes the path of least resistance, so a tiny crack of space between a door and the seal will allow noise to escape

  • Walls. Typically they are just a thin sheet of drywall and that can't stop anything

Acoustical Consultants have seen it all and are aware of where to look based on each client's unique situation. We help by putting up that invisible fence that keep conversations either in or out. Period. Next time you want to solve a sound or noise problem, get an expert to give you the design and start implementing privacy fencing for your business office.

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