Soundproofing is a Specialty Art Form

Updated: Aug 19, 2019

…and that is what we do when noise blocking absorbing is involved. We wear many hats (or ribbons, as in this case) to get the job accomplished, as we did at this aerial studio. In this case, the issue was Loud Noise and Music traveling to other tenants in a multi-tenant retail space. A secondary issue was speech clarity within the studio space.

With 22-foot high ceilings, the best way to reduce reverb and improve voice clarity was to focus on the ceiling and walls. The entire ceiling was covered in foam acoustical panels and the walls were filled with insulation.

In this client's unique soundproofing situation, we played all of these roles:

  • Problem Solver

  • Consultant

  • Designer

  • Installer

  • Resolver

Here at Sound Proof Atlanta, we love a challenge. In this case, the studio used to house a bakery in a certain portion of the area, so at first the panels did not hold to the ceiling in the normal way. It was such a unique situation, even we had to figure it out!

This is a perfect example in which, if you do not know what you are doing on your own, finding a solution can become a headache and money pit. Here we worked with the property manager of the retail space to make their clients happy.

Specialty Soundproof Consulting gives true meaning to, “We have seen it All!” So, to save yourself time and money, don’t let your next job be solved by trial and error when you have, at your disposal, specialists who have been to new heights, seeing it all!

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