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Open Communication in Your Open Office...

Updated: Aug 19, 2019

Open office spaces are a popular trend and growing in popularity, but as many as 15% of open office residents are making the move back to traditional closed office spaces…why?

The #1 complaint? NOISE!

The truth is people want privacy. In fact, an article in BBC Capital reports that 50-60% of people in open office spaces or low-walled cubicles find they are dissatisfied with their sound privacy.

The busyness in an open office space can make focusing more difficult. “We retain more information when we sit in one spot,” says Sally Augustin, an environmental and design psychologist in La Grange Park, Illinois. Augustin also says, “And it turns out our best work is done when we have total focus. We can work in a busy space, but the final product won’t be as good as if we are in a quiet locale.”

Open office spaces aren’t going away any time soon, and many people do enjoy their highly-collaborative features. So, how do you find a balance if you’re company is invested in an open office? Believe it or not, there are solutions that can help reduce noise even in these high-traffic situations.

Acoustical Panels are great sound-controllers, if positioned correctly, and can significantly reduce distracting noise and subdue extraneous sounds. Be sure to consult an acoustical engineer to determine the best placement and number of acoustical panels for your unique open office space to make sure you are getting the most out of your investment and out of the team of professionals at your company!

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