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In the World of Soundproofing, Rock Wool Rocks!...

Updated: Aug 19, 2019

Rock Wool is an important ingredient used in the noise-control and soundproofing world. Its density and consistency make it an ideal component in an entire acoustical solution.

We use Rock Wool above ceilings and in between walls to absorb noise. In industrial factories, placing it within enclosure walls deadens the noise, and when it is strategically combined with our other expert soundproofing and noise-control components, it is a perfect complement and team-player in our world!

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Rock Wool is a horticultural growing media made from the natural ingredients Basalt rock and Chalk. These are then melted at 1600° C into a lava which is blown into a large spinning chamber, which pulls the lava into fibers like "cotton candy." If you have ever visited a volcano you have probably seen these fibers flying around in the air surrounding the volcano. Once the fibers are spun they are then compressed into a mat which is then cut into slabs and cubes. The rock wool granulates are just bales of uncompressed fibers. The process is very efficient, producing 37 cubic foot of wool from 1 cubic foot of rocks. Since rock wool is born in fire it renders the product chemically and biologically inert and creates the ideal growing medium for hydroponics. Since its development in Denmark in the early 1970's, rock wool has become the major vegetable and flower production medium throughout Europe and North America. <Source>

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