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Sound Walls and Noisy Neighborhoods

Updated: Aug 19, 2019

Broken Sound Wall

Sound Walls are put up along highways to reduce the traffic noise coming into residential neighborhoods.

We took these pictures ourselves on a drive in Atlanta just a few weeks ago! These aren’t promo photos…these are the real deal!

Broken Sound Wall

Unfortunately, views like this are common in Atlanta and around US highways. On top of that, c

So what’s the answer?

Sound Proof Atlanta and ArtUSA Noise Control Products have solutions for these messes!

Train Noise Sound Wall

Highway walls should absorb and reflect noise. Most times the highway buzz bounces right over the wall and still enters the neighborhood! Why?...Because those walls were designed to only block noise. Not our fences! Our Sound Walls block, absorb and reflect NOISE. Plus, ours are designed to look the part in your area.

Our Sound Walls are a composite material that will not rot like wood, rust like metal, or crack and settle like concrete. They meet (and exceed) all AASHTO guidelines as well as all Highway Federal Noise Standards.

Airport Sound Wall

Our walls are also graffiti resistant and paint can be simply pressure washed off the surface! Combine that with the light-weight rails that can be installed and cut in the field easily along with a decades-long lifespan and you end up with the best Sound Wall System in the industry.

Take a look at some of these photos of our Sound Walls that are effective at blocking traffic noise as well as being attractive and easy to maintain.

Highway Sound Wall

Trust me, broken fences and plywood cannot stop sound. Next time you see this in your neighborhood, tell the Department of Transportation to contact to get your neighborhood and vicinity looking and sounding better.

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