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Too Loud at Work?

Updated: Aug 19, 2019

Too Loud at Work 1

Sound Proof Atlanta is typically called in when companies and municipalities want to serve their communities by reducing the noise factor.

Too Loud at Work 2

Here is a pictorial view of a sound barrier fence/wall system that is used in high-noise areas. For instance, this may be used around distribution centers where trucks are in continual movement. The piercing, back-up warning noise is one of the culprits that companies want to control. In one picture, the noise controlled is from a train track next to a community. In another, the highway noise is reduced significantly from invading a residential area.

Too Loud at Work 3

The other pictures here are of acoustical enclosures that are built for industrial plants with specific sound-control needs. We build to spec for our clients’ requirements and for the loud machines they may use on site.

Too Loud at Work 4

We build and control noise in multiple ways both on the exterior and interior of businesses.

We serve businesses across the gamete in both industrial and commercial properties.

We are Sound Proof Atlanta, the marketing arm for both commercial and industrial services, and ArtUSA is the manufacturer and source for industrial noise control.

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