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Need Dust Free AND Clean Acoustical Panels?

Updated: Aug 19, 2019

Need Dust Free AND Clean Acoustical Panels 1

Yes… We have those too! Our client needed a product that would absorb the noise of the machines but attract NO DUST.

Our product, ArtEX Clean Wall Absorbing Panels are:

  • Two Inches Thick

  • White, 24” x 48”

  • Meet USDA/FDA Requirements

  • Composed of a Melamine Foam Core

  • Class 1 Fire-Rated

  • Install is Very Clean (Not Only as a Product, but as an Install they Adhere to the Wall)

  • Panel Design Layout Accompanies All Orders

Need Dust Free AND Clean Acoustical Panels 2

For this application, this State Agricultural Facility has to be precise with weights and measures, but the machinery is so loud when moving around, the employees cannot hear. We performed a CLEAN ACOUSTICAL PANEL INSTALL with our Dust Free Panels that perform the job of absorbing noise, while collecting no dust! We not only have the right products for your needs, but we design the layout according to your room and spec requirements.

Next time you have a special noise-free application need, think ArtUSA Noise Control Products and Sound Proof Atlanta.

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