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Reverb in the TV studio…

Updated: Aug 19, 2019

Here is what our customer had to say about her experience working with Sound Proof Atlanta:

“Sound Proof Atlanta helped us immediately with our audio needs for our studio. Steve and Kathryn Forrester are so professional and were phenomenal to work with.” - Shannon, East Point, GA

A commercial customer, who puts out regular TV interview broadcasts, had acquired a property that had formerly been a school. The studio had been previously used for school broadcasts with minimal acoustical treatment.

As the new owner soon found out, there was way too much reverb and lack of clarity of what was being said. Extra money was being spent on staff and time editing voices after every single broadcast to get the clarity necessary for a professional sound.

A more affordable and efficient option: acoustical panels placed on the walls and ceiling in specific areas to absorb the extra noise and reverb.

* picture not customer’s actual studio

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