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Flying High with this Airplane Noise

Updated: Oct 1, 2019

Flying High with this Airplane Noise

"I love my new windows. They are very effective at reducing sound and the guys did a fabulous job installing them. And you were correct. There is still sound coming through my walls and ceilings when the planes are flying low enough. I am very impressed with your work. It is hard to find dependable contractors anymore.” Carol, Marietta, GA

Our customer loves her home and wants to retire there, but airplane noise from Dobbins Airforce Base creates a little unrest in the upstairs bedrooms. We informed Carol that the windows would block the noise, but her home was constructed of HardiePlank siding, which does not block sound at all. So, this would be a source of noise entry. Carol loves her new windows, and is planning on making the investment in her walls down the road.

We are sharing this testimony because we want our customers to know that people love our windows, but the windows can only block the pathway of noise from the portion they cover in a room. In brick, stone, or concrete structures, there’s no problem, because anything has a hard time entering a surface such as those.

Thank you, Carol, and sweet dreams!

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