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Once Upon a Time…

Updated: Aug 19, 2019

Can now be heard clearly with Your Knight in Shining Armor in the world of Soundproofing and Noise-Control…Sound Proof Atlanta.

These soft padded foam acoustical panels really do the job of controlling reverb and echo while looking good. In this application, the company featured has several studios used for recording books for the visually impaired.

Did you ever wonder how that audio book you are listening to sounds so good? Well, one of the contributors to sound quality is absorption of reverb. Not only does it help with speech clarity but also with post-production editing time when reading is done in a quiet environment.

Info about our foam panels:

  • Sound absorption

  • Various sizes from 1" to 1.5" thickness

  • 24” x 48” height and width

  • Melamine foam

  • Flame and chemical resistant

For a Happily Ever After, consider Sound Proof Atlanta for when creating your reading room studio.

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