We Meet The Most Interesting People & Businesses

Updated: Aug 19, 2019

We Meet The Most Interesting People & Businesses

For instance, INSPIRE VR! We loved their new van. Their business of Virtual Reality production & post-production and 3D spatial audio & stereo mixing and mastering services was so entrepreneurially intriguing.

InspireVR has built the first dedicated mobile mixed reality production truck in the Southeast U.S., capable of onsite/remote (VR/XR/AR) production.

We had the pleasure of meeting John, who has produced, engineered, and mastered Grammy & Stellar Award-nominated music. He was in the process of finishing his van to attend a virtual reality global summit in British Columbia.

We Meet The Most Interesting People & Businesses

He needed some good acoustical products for his production van and made a call over one weekend. Steve Forrester of Sound Proof Atlanta listened to the need and was excited to open up the office to provide the products John needed to create his post production van. We are proud to be a part of this inspiring adventure in Music Therapy for medical, behavioral, and therapeutic therapies - “virtual reality style.”

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