Updated: Aug 19, 2019

Photo Credit: WeatherNationTv.com

…Equals the Last House Standing. You may have viewed this trending video of the lone house on Mexico Beach that withstood Hurricane Michael's relentless torrential rain and winds.

“How was this possible,” you ask? “Prepared” is what this house can say after withstanding almost 150+ mph winds from Hurricane Michael that hit the Panhandle of Mexico Beach and Panama City, FL.

This family prepared not only in the building of their home but in going the extra mile of installing hurricane windows that could withstand 200 mph winds.

We at Sound Proof Atlanta are aware of the attributes of these kind of windows, because we use hurricane windows in the noise-control business. So, I believe you can say hurricane windows are not just for hurricanes but are for anyone that would like to prepare for the threat of wind, noise, and thieves.


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