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Men At Work Doing What?

Updated: Aug 19, 2019

Can you guess what we are doing in this room? Listen to the short video below for the answer.

This week we are addressing a very noisy conference room that has issues of privacy escaping through the ceiling, walls, and doors. This prestigious organization is updating the entire room with new technology and one of the contributing attributes is “soundproofing”.

Soundproofing takes strength (those materials have mass--that is, weight to them), precise measurements, and know-how in the application steps. Something noteworthy is that you really do not want to try to do this alone or for the first time, as we all know noise takes the path of least resistance.

Men At Work Doing What 2

Take it from us, we have made mistakes in the past (and corrected them) and that is why our years of experience have given businesses and residences a reason to call “Sound Proof Atlanta” FIRST when Noise and Privacy is a priority.

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