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Restful Nights are a Reality

Updated: Aug 19, 2019

Restful Nights are a Reality 1

Buckhead street traffic is not only constant but noisy. Our client purchased a new and beautiful townhouse that had the positive attributes of great location, was structurally-sound, and tastefully-decorated. But it was not optimal for the homeowner and guests when it came to being sleep-worthy.

We were contacted to address the two bedrooms with windows and door glass inserts. Here is what was said:

"My new home builder's checklist is almost complete, rather, it is complete when it comes to the noise in the bedroom. I asked Sound Proof Atlanta to see what they could do about the traffic noise entering my two bedrooms. By adding windows, glass inserts, and door seals for the patio doors, noise is very much reduced and restful nights are now a reality. Thank you, Sound Proof Atlanta!" ~ Paula in Buckhead

Restful Nights are a Reality 2

Let Sound Proof Atlanta help you to Rest Easy.

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