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A Picture, or in this Case a Video, is Worth a Thousand Un-Heard Vehicles

Updated: Aug 19, 2019

Last week we had the pleasure of addressing intrusive traffic noise entering the two back bedrooms facing 285 in a beautiful home in Sandy Springs, Georgia.

This house is all brick, but even the solid mass of the brick in combination with the customer’s current windows could not stop the roar of cars and trucks from traffic heading west on 285.

The customer contacted Sound Proof Atlanta for a solution. After assessing their specific needs, the current construction of the home, and the desired result, our recommendation was to install our Exterior-Mounted Acoustical Windows on the outside of their existing windows in the 2 bedrooms in question.

As you can clearly hear and see in the video, the highway is close to the house, and there are no highway acoustical barriers to aid with reducing the noise coming into the homes nearby.

As you watch and listen, first notice how much noise is entering the bedroom with the open window. Then see how much noise is reduced with the closing of Sound Proof Atlanta’s custom acoustical window. Lastly, observe the pin-drop quiet when the customer’s existing window is finally closed.

The result of Sound Proof Atlanta’s installation of our Acoustical Windows in the two bedrooms will render you speechless with disbelief!

Our windows not only contain 1/4” laminated glass (as part of the secret formula), but we also create a proper amount of dead air space between our Acoustical Windows and the existing client’s windows. A successful installation is the combination of these components along with the quality workmanship and custom know-how to stop noise.

Noise does not bother everyone, and there are different opinions of, “this is noisy.” In our clients’ case, they needed a quieter home in order to sell/lease their home. Now they have the quiet back and someone new is enjoying the peace.

If you are surrounded by traffic noise, live in a brick home, cannot sleep, or just want to make an investment that will reap a payback, consider Sound Proof Atlanta’s Acoustical Windows for the Non-Intrusive Design of Noise Control.

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