Noise Blockers

Updated: Aug 19, 2019

We had the pleasure of installing acoustical windows in a home that backed up to a very noisy road. Instead of letting you hear the noise, we are letting you hear and see the silence of traffic. The only sound is the background of an inside conversation.

Noise can create health issues, and there are many articles documenting this statement. Many people are finding a better night’s rest and a peaceful living environment when noise is stopped from entering their homes.

People mostly measure noise obstructions with their ears because everyone hears the intensity of noise, differently. One rating term to measure noise is DECIBEL. Decibel is the most commonly used measurement of sound level. The scale starts at 1 dB (as quiet as a mouse) and can range upwards of 140 dB (as loud as a jet engine).

The most desirable office environment decibel level hovers around 50 dB and for home, the ideal is around 45 dB. There are meters and applications that can measure these levels.

Our Acoustical Windows’ main characteristic is for BLOCKING noise. Blocking refers to stopping the transferal of sound through a partition, surface, or material. In this case our partition is the accurate configuration and installation of laminated glass plus.

So, if your health is important to you and noise is a factor in your environment, consider our NOISE BLOCKERS for peace and serenity.

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