Type One to Type None

Updated: Aug 19, 2019

Type One to Type None 1

We had the pleasure of being, once again, the guests of UPS to join in and support our charity of choice, JDRF, (Juvenile Diabetes Research Foundation). We have supported JDRF throughout the years thru the Gala, Walk and Ride Programs.

Kathryn has been a Type One Diabetic for over 50 years and by supporting this organization, we HOPE for a cure within her lifetime.

Type One to Type None 2

We thought we would share our Before and After pictures of our evening on Saturday, May 4th. We are always looking for good quality help for our jobs. So last night we made a donation to add to our crew (Our donation brought us a Golden Doodle).

Type One to Type None 3


JDRF raised over $2M at this event on Saturday.

Type One to Type None


JDRF is about supporting a cure and turning Type One to Type None and so much is achieved via the family and friends whose life has been touched by a Type One Diabetic.

Type One to Type None


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