Developer Uses Sound Proof Atlanta to Help Enhance His Property

Updated: Aug 19, 2019

…With all the in-town building going on around the city of Atlanta, the homes seem to be larger, closer together, and in turn closer to the proximity of city noise, like traffic and people. We were delighted when this developer decided to go the extra step for his future buyers by requesting not only the material, but the expertise in installation of interior acoustical wall treatment for his new townhome community off Moreland Ave.

We wish more developers and contractors would take the first step for their future home buyers by incorporating noise elimination assemblies so that the future buyers do not have to deal with it once they are in the home. Besides the benefit to both parties (builder and new owner) of promoting a new home with “sound proof technology” they can promote the additional energy efficiencies, too.

Read what the developer of Madison Village had to say about his experience working with Sound Proof Atlanta.

“I am an intown townhome developer. Steve and his team have been an invaluable asset to ensure that the homes we build are resistant to city noise. They are lovely to work with and really spend quality time with us to ensure that we understand why a step is done and to ensure that our crews are familiar with construction methods to help reduce outside noise. I would recommend Sound Proof Atlanta to anyone with any type of sound issues!” ~ Karim in Atlanta

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