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Updated: Aug 19, 2019

Just Introduced 1

…tracking and measuring decibel levels (noise) is becoming popular. APPLE just introduced the new upcoming feature on their Apple Watch with the watch OS update. This is part of their health movement.

We become so accustomed to noise that we forget how it effects our health in unforeseen ways later down the road. Studies have shown high noise levels affect hearing loss, stress on the heart, lack of concentration, on and on.

If Apple thinks it is worth measuring, then Sound Proof Atlanta is in the right business: Helping people and places control noise.

@GotNoise? Track it with your #AppleWatch and make sure you stay within a healthy noise-controlled environment.

Below is Apple’s introduction:

“See more at a glance. Go deeper with a tap. New complications give you instant access to more of the apps and features you want, right where you want them. See current decibel levels, cellular strength, or chance of rain. Tap to record a voice memo or dive right back into your audiobook.”

Just Introduced 2

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