These Acoustical Door Blankets are Not for Warmth but Noise

Updated: Aug 19, 2019

…These SPA (Sound Proof Atlanta) blankets are for both the absorption and blocking of NOISE. The STC rating is 29 and the NRC .85. They typically come in white, grey, tan, or black and used for either interior (as in this case) or exterior use.

This studio is located on one side of a distribution warehouse and the noise from the forklifts were interfering with filming, They use this large garage door to bring in their product for filming and to create training materials.

Our Acoustical Blankets work great for environments like these. How? By looking good and working beautifully by blocking off a large garage door and entry door from a noisy exterior. In this case, we also added acoustical panels on the wall in the studio to eliminate further reverb.


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* All Sound Proof Atlanta Products are Referred to as "SPA" Products