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A great group to work with

Updated: Jan 27, 2020

A great group to work with

We work with Designers and Contractors and love these comments from our clients, especially when they come from a Contractor whose specialty is servicing professional commercial clients. For this job, we used our acoustical fabric wall system in a decorating studio to apply their fall materials. Although it was not for acoustic purposes, the system we utilize provided the look that a decorator would like to see. In your case, this could be any home or commercial facility.

Each sectioned material was portioned according to the decorator to fit within the spec channels. The purpose in sharing this with you is to demonstrate that our acoustical work is high-end in look, as well as in performance, when it comes to acoustics.

"A great group to work with. Very professional and they got the project done on time. Very happy with the finished installation.” ~ Gregory, Contractor

A great group to work with

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