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Acoustical Wall Panels Come in All Shapes and Sizes…

An Honest Perspective Testimonial

...We recently had the pleasure of installing acoustical wall panels in 4 conference rooms to reduce the reverb of a new facility in the Vinings area. Some rooms were individual 10” x 60” panels and one was an entire acoustical wall.

They had trouble hearing audio conference calls clearly. With the addition of stylish panels, now the rooms not only look good, but need-to-know information is clearly heard and understood.

Here is what this client had to say about their company's experience:

“Kathryn and the Sound Proof Atlanta team have done a fantastic job customizing the acoustic balance in all of the conference rooms of our new office. They were friendly, professional, and took pride in their work. Our team has been using the conference rooms so much more now that we have the acoustic panels to help facilitate conference calls and meetings. Such a great team! Many thanks for your great work. For those in the Atlanta area, I highly recommend these awesome, kind, and professional experts!” ~ E.Lane, Atlanta, GA

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