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Complimentary Words Speak Volumes about Sound Proof Atlanta

Complimentary words speak volumes about sound proof atlanta

"Highly pleased with the results from working with Sound Proof Atlanta. The outcome is exactly what we were hoping for, and Steve and Kathryn frequently oversaw the work themselves and took a personal interest in the outcome of the project. Great value for the money. Highly recommend. They know their stuff!" ~ Sue

Thank you, Sue, for the kind words, compliments regarding our business and work, and the opportunity to solve the problem. It takes a great team of people to get a job done properly and we are happy to have one.

The issue for this commercial client was a recent move into a beautiful new office space during the COVID-19 lockdown this spring. Before people could come back to work, they decided to fix the problem of overhearing conversations between the executive offices and open-environment cubicle space. By installing an acoustical assembly above the drop ceiling across all 17 offices and door seals, the "lockdown" of voice transfer was truly amazing.

We receive similar requests multiple times a week and are happy to report we do have a proven SPA Acoustical Voice Transfer Blocking/Absorbing Solution for business ceilings.

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