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Happy Labor Day!!

Happy Labor Day

Enjoy the fruits of your labor with some peace and quiet.

While searching for quiet places to do something this weekend, we found an app which has an interesting story about its founder, Gregory Scott, who is sensitive to loud venues and struggled to hear companions in noisy bars and restaurants.

Tools are becoming available in excess to rate and determine the noise levels due to health reasons and just the courtesy of being able to enjoy a day or night out while enjoying conversation with the person you are with.

Thought we would share an interesting app that is being used within some major cities in the US and possibly one day in Atlanta called SoundPrint.

As for Steve, Knox, and I, we are going to enjoy some time off watching sunsets, playing in the park, driving to the lake to be with family, and letting the wind blow thru our hair.

Happy Labor Day Weekend from Sound Proof Atlanta!

Happy Labor Day

Happy Labor Day

Happy Labor Day

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