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How to Make Warehouse Noise Work While Shooting a Video

Updated: Aug 19, 2019

An Honest Perspective Testimonial

...Nearly impossible without the installation of both absorption and blocking properties. Below is a testimony from our client, Yamaha Motor, who utilized space for filming their products out of their warehouse and the results they experienced while working with Sound Proof Atlanta.

"As a corporate video producer, one of the challenges I faced while shooting video was outside noise pollution. Our media room is located adjacent to our very busy warehouse, which made it almost impossible to shoot video with sound during normal business hours. After doing some research for sound proofing solutions, I came across Sound Proof Atlanta. Their friendly and professional staff (Steve and Kathryn) came to my location and assessed my sound needs. They offered a few budget friendly solutions. Once we decided on a package, their team swiftly moved forward with measurements, supply ordering, and installation. After a few short weeks, the project was completed in full. I highly recommend Sound Proof Atlanta for your sound proofing needs." ~ Roxanne Flores, Yamaha Motor, Kennesaw

Have a unique soundproofing situation? Sound Proof Atlanta is the answer!

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