Impact Windows for Acoustical Use "For Sale!”

Soundproof Windows for sale

Have you ever wanted your own acoustical/soundproof windows? We have some overstock we need to unload before our office move! These windows also double in use for impact windows in hurricane-affected regions.

We all make mistakes, and in this case, our loss is your gain. There have been situations in the past in which we have ordered the wrong size windows for homes. We have had to eat the cost of those mistakes and re-order on the rare occasions this has happened. We have since refined that talent, and that is why it is always best to get a professional to measure the windows you are about to purchase!

Now we are moving to a new warehouse location in November and would like to sell our spare windows. Here are the sizes and types. Pricing per window will be on a per request basis, with an average of $275 per window.

There are 8 Fixed Frame Windows and 6 Single-Hung. The impact windows are STC-36. The asking price is $2,500. The retail value $7,200. These windows are located in the Peachtree Corners area of Atlanta.

Fixed Frames:

1- 24” x 48” fixed white sash

1- 32” x 60.5” fixed white sash

3- 12” x 36” fixed white frame

3- 22.5” x 38 fixed white frame

Total of 8

Single hung:

1- 31.75” x 64.25” single hung white frame

4- 37.25” x 63.25” single hung white frame

1- 38” x 73” single hung white frame

Total of 6

Contact us today to get these limited windows!

Soundproof Windows for sale

Soundproof Windows for sale

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