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"Life Changing and Blown Away"

These are the actual comments (not fake news) from a client of ours who just purchased and installed 6 professional grade acoustical windows for her home. We had the fortunate experience of working with an appreciative, professional, and kind woman who blew us away with her comments. Read below:

(Pictured are the new windows installed on the interior of her existing)

"I have to say these soundproof windows have been life changing for me in an amazing kind of way! I live in the city near a busy street where these souped up cars and mufflers barrel down the street 24/7. I literally had to move to my first level bedroom that was away from the street side of the house so that I can get some sleep. I found Sound Proof of Atlanta online and had a consult with Steve who explained the process in detail as well as how sound travels through the house. I decided to get the windows and counted down each day to my install. I was nervous as I wasn't sure how effective the windows would be. Well I was totally blown away by the significant reduction in the noise and no, don't expect the noise to go away 100%. Neither do they set that expectation. However the reduction for me is at least 90% which is amazing. The team did a superb job installing the windows to perfection paying close attention to all of the details and cleaning up once finished. The windows open and close just like the other regular windows. Believe me when I say they are worth every dollar!! Steve and Kathryn and their staff are the best people you could ever work with! Very professional, caring, patient, nice, friendly and extremely knowledgeable. I am so thankful to be able to sleep again after 6 months of misery in this new house!! I highly recommend this company, their product and services.” ~ Janet

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