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Don’t Get Frightened by the Noise in Restaurants

In October, we had the pleasure to soften the reverb in an event center that was hosting a gala dinner with entertainment. Music can be better heard and understood with some acoustical panels tastefully and inconspicuously hung in the ceiling.

In many cases, Acoustical Panels should be heard (to help with clarity) and not seen. They act like a “behind the scenes component” to any event (or business) that would rather enjoy the company of others by clearly hearing conversation and entertainment rather than having to scream in order to be heard. Our panels help both with hearing and with distractions that echo in large crowds.

If you are entertaining or working in large spaces with echo and lots of people, consider asking Sound Proof Atlanta to evaluate the situation and provide you the authority and control over SOUND.

Don’t Get Frightened by the Noise in Restaurants

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