Pour Me Some Reverb Relief…

Recently the Sound Proof Atlanta team installed foam acoustical panels on a 15 foot high ceiling to relieve the 7 reverb time (RT) in this very unique and great concept for beer and wine lovers located off the Atlanta Beltline. A variety of great beers, ale, and wine (85 self-pour taps) can be purchased by the ounce. It is very popular, and it was very noisy until the acoustical SPA treatment was installed.

The panels are hung about 14" from the ceiling in varying heights to alleviate the hard noise.

We are so glad customer-minded bars and restaurants are finally listening to their clientele about the noise and doing something to help make the atmosphere enjoyable for all to have conversation, or rather, hear conversation.

If your favorite restaurant requires more clarity for conversations to be heard, refer them to Sound Proof Atlanta for some ideas on how to pour some relief!!

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* All Sound Proof Atlanta Products are Referred to as "SPA" Products