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Quiet with Style and Managed Practicality

In our recent installation in a manufacturing plant, the owners wanted light and style without exposing the office staff to the typical loud noisy racket of the industry.

In the pictures here, the glass area was once all wall and a solid door. SPA (Sound Proof Atlanta) designed and cut into the existing walls and doorway to provide a custom view and look with acoustical characteristics.

You can imagine how open it feels now, inside and outside without the noise. Besides understanding the design our client was aiming for, we pulled together the correct framing, acoustical glass, and carpentry to give them in physical form, what they had on paper.

This is basically a Store Front look with an Acoustically Noise-Free Feel. Next time you are looking to update your plant or office with an open noise-free look, consider Sound Proof Atlanta, the Custom Soundproofing Authorities.

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