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Sound-proofing and Separation-Proofing are In Right Now…

Especially in open office environments. As management determines the safest ways to bring employees back to work, space management becomes a top issue. And space management is not the only concern, but add to that noise management and productivity management.

In cases like these, the old way is becoming the new way with the re-entry of the modern (and now acoustically soundproof) phone booth rooms and locations. What do you get? The need for an acoustical space-management firm helping to architecturally and economically utilize space and manage noise quickly. When we started this business, we wondered why people were not coming out of woodwork looking for some advice or solutions to control and separate people from noise in a commercial setting. Who knew it would take a pandemic for the obvious to take hold in the business environment? If you find yourself in the situation in which you need a quick plan, product, and team to implement your new normal, look to Sound Proof Atlanta for the engineering, design, product choice, and expertise to a healthier work-life tomorrow. Below are some examples of where Soundproofing has taken us, from the installation of acoustical wall panel coverage within unfinished phone booth type rooms and the build out of quiet areas.

Sound-proofing and Separation-Proofing are in Right Now

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