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Stylish Acoustical Panels used for Speed to Reverb Reduction

Stylish Acoustical Panels Used for Speed to Reverb Reduction

Acoustical Panels can be placed anywhere to correct reverb in a large service center or office (as pictured). In the case of this service center, the technicians could not hear or understand the customers on the other side of the desk when they came in for service on their cars. In the office, the reverb from this large dealership, created an unworkable space. After calculating the size of the room and reverb, a design began to take shape for the placement of the panels to not only reduce reverb, but also keep the clean lines and style of the new dealership via an array of color selections that were available. In addition to the reverb being reduced and clarity increased, there is new speed in processing requests. So next time you are thinking of a solution that creates speed with style, think Sound Proof Atlanta, Custom Soundproofing Authorities.

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