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This Fall You May Want to Consider an Acoustical Blanket

Would You Like to Know the Decibel Reading of Your Environment at All Times???

That is what our client had installed this past week to absorb and block the noise from a boiler and Hot Water Tank that was creating, not only noise in the room, but more importantly, generating noise to an adjoining office that was not a part of their business.

Acoustical blankets come in an assortment of colors and their purpose is customarily for industrial use. However, with architectural spaces looking more like industrial spaces, this does fit in more places now. These are custom designed to allow entrance into the areas of equipment that the client requires.

The noise absorbing/blocking properties consist of:

  • Vinyl coated fiberglass cloth facing on both sides, quilted, with 2 pound per cubic foot density fiberglass batting, 1 pound per square foot barrier septum, and mating Velcro® on the vertical edges

  • Grey (default), Black, Tan, or Off-White

  • 20 degrees to 180 degrees Fahrenheit

  • Adds sound absorption to interior applications to reduce reverberation and echo.

  • Constructed using two layers of one-inch thick quilted fiberglass absorption and feature a durable vinyl facing.

  • Ideal for large reflective industrial environments where reverberant noise energy needs to be reduced.

  • May also be used to improve sound transmission loss when used in enclosures or to supplement other structures.

  • Typical uses include industrial plants, gymnasiums, auditoriums, and warehouses.

  • Class 1 fire-rated and have a sound absorption rating of 0.85.

Additionally, in this application we needed an STC-rated sound blocking feature which is also a feature of this acoustical blanket.

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