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Try Boxing Out Reverb (echo))))

Updated: Aug 19, 2019

Try Boxing Out Reverb (echo))))

Here, at Sound Proof Atlanta, we get to work with the most interesting businesses and pleasant business owners.

Recently we had the pleasure of recommending acoustical panels to address the reverb for a new boxing studio located in Battery Park.

We accomplished the goal of making the instructor clearer to the class attendees by reducing the reverb. We mounted acoustical panels on the ceiling so that they were inconspicuous but effective.

This business takes their clients' experience seriously. When clients understand what to do during their workout, they will likely be back for more due to the experience.

Above are pictures of the Sound Proof Atlanta team getting started and the later pictures are of the finished project.

Next time you need to Knock Sound Out, consider the experts at Sound Proof Atlanta.

Try Boxing Out Reverb (echo))))

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