We Make Everything Beautiful and Sound-Worthy with Our Acoustical Lighting Collection

Here at Sound Proof Atlanta, we invest time finding the right solutions for our clients’ noise and reverb issues. We love this new collection of solutions for conference rooms, restaurants, offices, cubicle spaces, residences, cafeterias, and more.

Who can’t use more light in a work space? The design possibilities are endless, with a multitude of options for the creative-at-heart. There are ways to combine beautiful lighting while eliminating the echo and reverb in a room.

Here we have an acoustical shade material around a light. You can add fin-type panels on the shade to offer acoustical and lighting coverage in a space. The more fin-type panels placed on the shade, the more reverb reduction and style are added.

The shades range in size from 17” diameter and 10” high to 42” diameter and 23” high plus everything In between. The lighting is solid state LED. All are UL compliant components with a 5-year limited warranty.

All are custom-made, so our design team at Sound Proof Atlanta can help beautify and quiet down any room with style.

Contact Sound Proof Atlanta and make it a Beautiful Acoustical Light Day!

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* All Sound Proof Atlanta Products are Referred to as "SPA" Products