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"January 09, 2021

Dear Soundproof Atlanta,

Thanks so much for sending the crew out this week.

I just wanted to thank you because the install crew was simply amazing - the windows not only look great but the sound proofing is simply life changing. I think I will finally be able to sleep and feel like we have privacy even though we are only a few feet from our very social neighbors. 


The crew was super punctual, kind and thorough.  Communications with Kathryn were super timely, responsive and clear. 


This was a very large investment for us and I was nervous.  I am happy with the product and service and when our budget permits, plan to install more. "


Thanks again,
Deborah and Ricardo"

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"I just moved into a quiet neighborhood and didn't want to disturb my neighbors with my loud punk rock drumming. After extensive research and reaching out to several companies/contractors I decided to go with SPA. When I first came across them online I was ecstatic to see that there was a local company that could take care of measurements, production, delivery and installation of soundproof daylight windows. Many other glass manufacturers were outside of the state meaning increased shipping & handling cost and that I would have to seek out a contractor that I could trust to install the windows properly. It was a big plus to see that team at SPA had actually worked on recording studios as well. I'd like to thank Laurie, Steve and Kathryn for being so responsive, knowledgeable and helpful in finding a solution. In just a few short weeks, Jorge and Julio came out for installation and did an excellent job. The windows look great and there is noooooo way my neighbors can hear the drums now. 5 Stars for convenience, fair pricing, accurate estimates, great customer service and quickness. I would definitely recommend them for your home studio sound proofing needs."  ~ Jesus H., Snellville

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"I have to say these soundproof windows have been life changing for me in an amazing kind of way! I live in the city near a busy street where these souped up cars and mufflers barrel down the street 24/7. I literally had to move to my first level bedroom that was away from the street side of the house so that I can get some sleep. I found Sound Proof of Atlanta online and had a consult with Steve who explained the process in detail as well as how sound travels through the house. I decided to get the windows and counted down each day to my install. I was nervous as I wasn't sure how effective the windows would be. Well I was totally blown away by the significant reduction in the noise and no, don't expect the noise to go away 100%. Neither do they set that expectation. However the reduction for me is at least 90% which is amazing. The team did a superb job installing the windows to perfection paying close attention to all of the details and cleaning up once finished. The windows open and close just like the other regular windows. Believe me when I say they are worth every dollar!! Steve and Kathryn and their staff are the best people you could ever work with! Very professional, caring, patient, nice, friendly and extremely knowledgeable. I am so thankful to be able to sleep again after 6 months of misery in this new house!! I highly recommend this company, their product and services.”  ~ Janet

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"I highly recommend “Soundproof Atlanta” for your soundproofing needs.  They are knowledgeable and professional and take the time to make sure installations are done perfectly.  If you have a serious noise issue, then you need soundproofing experts - not just any window company.  I learned this the hard way and am delighted that I have discovered Soundproof Atlanta.  They are getting my airplane noise problems taken care of." ~ Carol in Marietta

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“We purchased a home facing I-285 and had no idea just how loud the noise was going to be. It was loud enough that it was hard to get a good night's sleep. We decided to install sound reducing windows and the google search began. Fortunately for us we found Sound Proof Atlanta. Steve and his crew explained our options, answered all of our questions and provided what turned out to be a very accurate timeline for installation. Everything went smoothly and they did an excellent job. The windows made a huge difference! The room is quiet, and we are able to sleep. Steve was so great to work with that we had him install more windows and a door in the lower portion of our home. Sound Proof Atlanta offers very fair pricing and you can't beat the level of customer service.”

~ Tony V. in Smyrna

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“Installed windows in master bed and bath as we live on a busy corner. Reduced traffic noise by about 75%. Not silent (Steve didn’t promise silent) but not waking up at 6:30 am anymore crying due to truck noise. Highly recommend; adding more windows soon!”

~ Z.S., Brookhaven, GA

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"My new home builder's checklist is almost complete, rather, it is complete when it comes to the noise in the bedroom.  I asked Sound Proof Atlanta to see what they could do about the traffic noise entering my two bedrooms.  By adding windows, glass inserts, and door seals for the patio doors, noise is very much reduced and restful nights are now a reality. Thank you, Sound Proof Atlanta!"

~ Paula in Buckhead

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“Reason 4stars because no one is 5 stars, always room for improvement. That being said, this company and their product is terrific. Windows where installed (NO CORNERS CUT) on time and they do keep the noise out. They are pricey $$$, “you get what you pay for”...”BYE ONCE CRY ONCE”..No regrets-great investment. Highly recommend the windows.” 

~ Bobby in Buford

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"I love my new windows.  They are very effective at reducing sound and the guys did a fabulous job installing them.  And you were correct.  There is still sound coming through my walls and ceilings when the planes are flying low enough.   I am very impressed with your work.  It is hard to find dependable contractors anymore.”

~ Carol, Marietta, GA

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“I called Steve and left a message, I had a question that I had to get expert advise. After leaving the message I started thinking no way a person with his knowledge will give me free information. I provide Xactimate estimating services for 350 contractors dealing with insurance covered property losses. I needed a true and factual answer that was asked of me from a contractor. Dealing with insurances losses it has to be true what we write for payouts. 30 minutes after leaving a message I received a call from Steve, Wow I was amazed with the information he gave me, He explained in detail my answer. Because of his help and kindness, We discussed adding his services to out website. I highly recommend Steve for sound proofing your property. “

~ Scott in Atlanta

“We are extremely pleased with our new windows! The team of installation experts were very professional and did an amazing job! The rooms are MUCH quieter now, and the new windows look so clean. Thanks again for helping us with soundproofing our home! Thanks,"

~ Derek, Atlanta, GA

“Hi Steve -
Thanks for checking-in. The windows are great and (more importantly), my wife loves them! They have significantly reduced the noise in our bedroom, so thanks much. I wasn’t here for the installation, but assume given the results that everything went well. Thanks again.”


~ Chad in Atlanta

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“I was very pleased with Steve’s responsiveness, professionalism, and my studio works just as I wanted.”


~ Tim in Woodstock

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“I literally dreaded coming home to my new condo because the traffic noise outside my bedroom window was so loud. Sound Proof Atlanta fixed that. Thanks to their custom installation, I now enjoy being in my own home and being able to peacefully sleep through rush hour traffic in the morning (if I want).”


~ Ben in Atlanta

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"Before the Sound Proof Formula Windows were installed, the road traffic outside our master bedroom would wake me up every morning! Now I actually sleep right thru it.  The installation went flawless. The windows have made a huge difference!! I can still faintly hear the road, but it’s not nearly as noticeable. I wish we had done this years ago!!!  Thank you so much for the solution and service. "

~ Pippa, Alpharetta, GA

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